Summerlove is a music act from 2 Dutch DJ’s who first met in Spain in the year 2000. Shortly afterwards they joined forces in the studio and made their first production.

First Single
DJ Maurice and DJ Yorit had the idea of putting a vocal on the instrumental song “ Fiesta” from the Sunclub, this is how our first song “ Remember” was born. We made a video on Mallorca and in 2002 the song was released. The radio didn’t support the song but since it became more and more popular in the clubs, it was re-released in may of 2003. Then it entered the dutch charts, but unfortunately not very high. The song was also used as a leader for a TV show and was put on many famous compilation cd’s.

Belgian DJ Frank also liked our song and followed our idea and put the vocals from R&B song “ Summerjam” on the same instrumental, this version called “Summerjam 2003” was a big summerhit that year.

In 2004 the song became more and more popular in other parts of Europe. This is when we started a live act and we did a lot of great shows in countries like Portugal, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Greece and Scandinavia.

Seconde single
By the end of 2003 we finally released the follow up single called “ Dance on the Beach”. It was the same concept, a new vocal on a great instrumental classic (“Vallée de Larmes” by René et Gaston).Unfortunately this song was only released in the Netherlands because the label that release it went bankrupt.

Second Chance
Because “Remember” never was a bit chart-hit we felt the song had more potential. In 2005 DJ Maurice contacted an old music friend from Austria and he hooked him up with Wolfgang Boss, at that time a big label owner from Germany. He contacted 2 producers from Mallorca and they made a 2008 version. This time sung by the Spanish singer David Tavare. This time they went to the Dominican Republic for a beautiful video and the song went straight to the number one position in the Spanish charts!

In 2007 a Dominican singer called Eddy Herrera also made a cover from our song. It was a big hit in Latin America.There were also many other covers from our song, like in 2015 by Carolina Marquez, who had a bit hit in 2007 with “The Killer Song”.

New Single
In 2016 DJ Maurice made a new great summer song with sexy DJ/singer Now-Me and he felt it would be a great chance to revive Summelove.So first the first time in over 10 years a new Summerlove single is released! Now let’s hope for good reactions because the 2 Dutch DJ’s have a lot of new ideas to make more Summerlove tunes!